We're on a mission to help retail traders and investors.


Our values help us set the bar for trading and investments.

Our values define us. They guide us in building and improving our products, hiring passion driven teammates and serving our customers.

Security Speaks

Our first priority is to keep your money safe and secure. Every single aspect of our service is optimized to protect and grow your funds!

Customers First

Passion over Pedigree

We aim to provide our customers with top-notch service that helps them grow their business and put their best foot forward.

We hire for passion, because passionate people can overcome any obstacle and acquire any  knowledge necessary.

Super Fast

Transparency Wins

Be Useful

No waiting in lines. No servers that are down every second day. No lagging websites. Fast service that keeps your business on top!

We believe in being straight-forward, with our customers and our team. This means no hidden fees, no complications.

We don't believe in idling away our time on cushioned seats. We believe in making ourselves useful, and contributing to the community.


We protect digital assets and investments from losses of any kind.

Capital Lot is a trading influenced initiative created by a team of top tier traders for traders, The goal is to minimize the risk in a high-risk market by providing investors & traders with an option of insurance against various forms of financial losses.


To minimize the risk in a

high-risk market.

In a speculative market such as this one. It's impossible to know when things might go bad in the market. Which is why having the right cover in place is crucial to the future of your trading & financial journey. 


We believe a good trader or investor deserves another chance.

We cover a wide area of possibilities making it impossible to lose money after you sign up with us.